My Black Friday Haul

Confession: I’m a recovering shopaholic. I have gone nuts (and racked up quite a bit of debt) going shopping in the past and I loved going on Black Friday with my friend.

This year however, my relationship to shopping and to my burden of debt has changed. Rather than buy things simply because of a good deal or I wanted it, I’ve chosen to be more strategic in my Black Friday deal shopping.

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River Valley Antiques

This weekend I had a new launch to get prepped and photographed for The Wittle Whale, a custom order to start, and a custom order in the pipeline. It also happened to be the start of Spring Break for my sister, who is used to a full Sunday at church and youthgroup.

We were both feeling a little stir crazy and decided to go for a drive up to Newaygo and a three story antique market named River Valley Antiques.

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