Winter Sewing Inspiration

I have gone through a lull in my sewing mojo in recent months and am finally back on the upswing! I am seeing a lot of fun trends in the sewing community and I thought I’d share some of my favorite pieces of inspiration.

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Diaper Clutch

I’ll admit that lately I’ve kind of run out of my sewing mojo. I’ve delayed making the christmas gift i’ve had planned, have stalled on finishing a set of pads, and haven’t made much for my Etsy since before Thanksgiving.

In truth, I’ve been thankful for the break. I have busted my butt this year sewing from my business, and have run out of steam as of late for the items I usually sew. I needed inspiration and found it on Pinterest!

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Ten Handmade Holiday Gift Ideas

Christmas is coming! This year, I am aiming to make gifts for my friends and family members, which should be an interesting task!

My family decided last year that rather than worry about getting every member a gift, we were doing a Not-so-Secret Santa and drawing names for the family member we are going to be responsible for shopping for. Easy peasy right?

My friends and I have an unspoken understanding that we will not be getting each other gifts, as we are much more oriented towards spending quality time with each other, however there are still a few things I am considering making for them!

In prepping for my handmade holiday, here are my top ten gift ideas!

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