Essential Oils Make & Take

Saturday morning I woke up and moseyed around while debating what I was going to do with my weekend. Luckily, my friend Whitney went live in the Facebook event she invited me to reminding me that she was hosting an Essential Oils Make & Take party that afternoon!

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15th Annual Michigan Lavender Festival

last weekend started out ROUGH. i got up early to work at a craft show and it didn’t go all that well, and came home to some stuff that was totally harshing my mellow and that made me want to crawl into bed and never leave.

the last thing i wanted to do was to leave my house, but thankfully facebook reminded me that i was interested in attending the 15th Annual Michigan Lavender Festival. feeling particularly alone, i resolved myself that i might as well make the most of the last full day of the weekend by spending it by myself doing what i wanted to do. so, at 10am on Sunday, i packed up my car and drove three and a half hours across the state to attend the lavender festival. and i’m so glad i did.

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DIY · Eco-friendly · Zero Waste

Natural Eye Makeup Wipes

I’ve always been beauty and skincare obsessed. I spent summers in high school in my family room watching Petrilude and Pixiwoo videos and trying to recreate makeup looks. That led to a lot of makeup wipes, baby wipes, and cotton rounds being tossed in the trash when I finished creating my masterpiece.

As I’ve gotten older, I have stepped away from using as much makeup as I once did. I have spent thousands on Mary Kay, building a makeup kit and direct sales business before stepping away a few years ago. While I still have the core of my kit, I rarely wear makeup anymore, opting instead for boosting my skincare and rocking my natural skin. When I do wear makeup, it can be a pain to take it off and I hate spending $15-20 on a “good” makeup remover.

This has led me to making my own remover solution and reusable makeup wipes.

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