Best Back to School Finds for Your Sewing Room

Back to school season has always been my favorite time of year. Full of transitions, fresh starts, and brand new notebooks waiting to be filled with meticulously written notes. Whilst I am no longer a student, it’s not stopping me from shopping the aisles for school supplies I can use in my sewing room! Here are some of my top picks for items to pick up as the Back to School season gets into full swing!

Marking Tools

Washable Markers, Pencils

I love using Crayola Washable Markers for tracing out my crafting patterns. I love that I can choose a color that matches my fabric and that I know it will wash out of the finished product. I keep a few of these markers at the ready at all times.

Colored pencils and regular pencils also make a great tool in your sewing room! Super easy to mark on patterns and fabric.


Grab a few clear rulers, 12 inch plastic or metal rulers. While not as versatile as longer and wider rulers, or specialty types like french curves, these will help with small projects and tight spaces.


Buy a few regular Fiskars scissors for around the house so no one feels the need to grab for your precious fabric scissors! Stash some away in your desk or on your peg board for cutting threads or paper patterns.

Glue Sticks, Tape

I choose to print PDF patterns through pdfplotting.com, but when I happen to buy a pattern that is made for at-home printing, glue sticks and tape help me stick everything together! I also use non-toxic purple glue sticks for basting items together as it washes out.

Printer Paper/Ink

Speaking of pdf patterns, stock up on a few reams of paper and some ink for printing them out!


Pencil boxes and plastic totes

Plastic totes help me keep works in progress all together! Fabric and pattern in the main tote, and a pencil box to keep thread, buttons, and other notions in one place.


I use 9×12 envelopes to store my printed PDF patterns. It keeps everything together and they slide easily into filing cabinets and desk drawers.

Binder Clips

Again, for PDF pattern printing! I use binder clips to hold uncut pages together, and once cut to keep pattern pieces in one spot. There’s nothing worse than getting to a point in a project and not having the correct piece!

What back to school supplies would you find helpful in your sewing room?

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