Pattern Review: Simplicity 8051

hen my sister and I bought tickets to see the Trixie Mattel “Now With Moving Parts” show, we both thought it would be a fun idea to make a dress for her to wear. And by we, I mean I did all the work and had to buy everything.

Because she’s a child, with no income or sense of follow through.

We went fabric shopping a few weeks before the show and got a gorgeous white and pink lace to make a 60s vibe shift dress, and then about two weeks before the show Baby Sister changed her mind and wanted a 50s dress with a full circle skirt.

Like I said, follow through 🙂

We went to Hobby Lobby to peruse their 99 cent Simplicity sale, and wound up finding a ton of vintage patterns she liked. We ended up going with 8051, a rockabilly style dress.



She liked View B (the blue hawaiian print) the most, so I set out to cut it out and commence bodice making! We bought 5 yards of pink polka dot fabric from Joann for around $15 and a yard of dark pink broadcloth for $1.99. My sister’s measurements went all over the pattern sizings, as she has much wider hips than the waist and bust measurements, so I ended up cutting out the largest pattern on the envelope knowing I’d have some adjustments to do.

The most difficult part of making the bodice was the front strap pieces, which were sewn in the cups of the bust rather than being attached later. I sewed up a muslin of this and completely messed it up, got frustrated, went at it with a seam ripper and eventually scissors, and had to start over.

The second bodice went much better. We did those straps in a solid pink that was darker than the main print fabric, which I think turned out great. It ended up being a great fit in the bust, but we did tack the front pieces together for modesty.

The middle waist length was a perfect length, so we didn’t have to change that at all. We did have to make two darts in the back of the bodice to take in the extra wiggle room of the difference in her measurements, which I did at the time of putting in the zipper.

As for the skirt, it got down to the final day before the show and it got attached – I still haven’t hemmed it!

The invisible zipper gave me hell too, so we left the dress with some of the zipper showing. It didn’t bother her, but I now know I need to invest in a proper foot to accomplish a better finish.





2 thoughts on “Pattern Review: Simplicity 8051

  1. I adore the polka dot fabric you picked for this dress! I am still looking to add something in my closet that has this classic pattern! Also love the twirling video! Looks like a blast!!!


  2. I love the blog about it. It was helpful to a point, but too am frustrated with the straps a d was hoping to see a video sd o I could better understand what the heck they want me to do. If I figure it out I am going to create a YouTube channel to do just that. Lol.
    Thsnks for the post and your dress is beautiful. Was it true to size? Message me if you have any advice. Steampunk Molly Productions


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