Antiquing in Newaygo

My mom, sister and I have taken up the hobby of antiquing. When we have a free morning on the weekends, we will pile into my car and travel to a nearby town to browse the wares in the various antique malls in our area.

This weekend, we made the forty minute trek to Newaygo to stop at Market 41, formerly River Valley Antiques. Established in 2000, the store has a treasure trove of vintage jewelry, antique furniture and dishes, and other vintage goodies, as well as modern-day boutique goods and clothing.

The building that houses the store dates back to the Civil War era and is the oldest in Newaygo’s downtown. It was first built to be used as a mercantile, boarding house, and theater.

One of  my favorite pieces that I saw at the market was this amazing whale table. I totally need one for my future office space!

One item I really enjoyed looking at while I was there was an old family album. The tome was easily six inches thick with these photo pages. As someone interested in vintage clothing and dressmaking, being able to see Victorian and Edwardian clothes on real people was really interesting – take a look at those hats!

 If you’re ever in the area, you would be remiss to not stop by and peruse the rooms at Market 41. You may just find something that fits your fancy!

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