Jaku + My Failure to Blog it

I’ve been in a bit of a blogging lull this month. I have been so busy with work, Etsy, and being sick that I’ve had to put publishing on the back burner. One post this past month that never made it up was about my visit to Jaku, a new-ish restaurant on GR’s north east side. Allie and I went in January and I took two pictures, which didn’t even include the amazing sashimi and sushi we enjoyed.


We shared edamame and a variety platter, which was amazing. We both individually had fried rice which was so tender and flavorful. I had mochi which was good and a great iced coffee.

but you wouldn’t know. because i didn’t take pictures!

sometimes i think i get a bit too caught up in trying to be blog and instagram savvy that i forget to enjoy the moment. then i swing on the complete opposite side and don’t post for a whole month!

here’s to balance in the coming month.

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