Schuler’s and a Bit of Nostalgia

During our afternoon out and about last week, my friend Allie and I made a quick trip to Schuler’s Books.

Schuler’s is a 35-year-old independent bookstore with three locations in Grand Rapids, Lansing and Okemos. I used to frequent their now-closed location in Walker, Michigan weekly to grab coffee, lunch and a few hours of study time during college.


Grabbing a Peach French soda from the cafĂ© was a regular occurrence for Allie and I when we were in high school and after. Most Friday’s I would meet up with classmates or my pal Kristen as I would swig down a coffee while opening my Biology and Sociology books and writing copious pages of notes.


Being in the presence of a bookworm in her natural element is a curious adventure. I am perfectly content to wander the aisles, but lost track of Allie for a few seconds before turning around and watching her browsing titles and opening books.

As a small business owner, I also appreciate when business curate a handmade and local made variety. Simply Curated is a Grand Rapids based candle, home, and lifestyle brand. They have the most delicious scents! I fell in love with the Peony + Salt Soy Candle.

I wore out my Nicolette shirt, which I’ll be blogging about later this winter once I get the chance to cut and sew another one.

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