Mid-Winter Pick Me Up

Here in Michigan, we’ve been saved from the Bomb Cyclone that the East Coast has received, but that hasn’t meant we’ve been spared from the grips of winter. It has been bitterly cold, barely making it in to the teens for the past three weeks. This has meant that I haven’t gone outside much save for moving in and out of my car to work or home.

Thankfully though, my friend Allie and I decided to get together and brave the cold weather to stop in to one of our favorite Grand Rapids grocer – Horrocks Market!


When entering the market, you are greeted with checkout lines and carts, and a general merchandise section filled with goodies for your home, kitchen, and wardrobe. We wandered the aisles looking at throw pillows, plants and wall décor, and an amazing aisle of jewelry.

After making our way through the greenhouse and goodies, we entered the market hall and were immediately greeted by a variety of bouquets and cut steams and greenery for diy bouquets.

White roses were a central part of Allie’s wedding florals, so naturally we gravitated towards them.

We made our way over to a recently re-done section of the store, which Horrocks has converted to a deli and café area, and a massive wine and beer cellar called The Tavern with dozens of taps and weekly wine specials.

Horrocks offers up to three samples of wine for free, and we tasted the rose, a chardonnay, and a delicious sweet red that we grabbed a glass of. It is a strange experience to grocery shop while sipping on wine!

I typically shop at Meijer and Aldi stores, but Horrocks is a specialty grocery store that offers all sorts of goods. You are able to find your typical name brands, but they also have a large selection of ethnic foods, small brands, local makers and producers, and more. I picked up a loaf of crusty Italian bread to have with our Sunday dinner, and a package of Stroopwafel, a Dutch treat that is two layers of wafer with a layer of caramel syrup in between. I was first introduced to this treat through a video by Harriet from Hobbling Handmades, and I love popping the stroopwafel over a cup of hot tea. It makes the caramel syrup melt and is a fun treat!

If you’re in the Grand Rapids area and are looking to add some variety to your regular grocery run, I highly suggest visiting Horrocks. It will not disappoint!

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