Diaper Clutch

I’ll admit that lately I’ve kind of run out of my sewing mojo. I’ve delayed making the christmas gift i’ve had planned, have stalled on finishing a set of pads, and haven’t made much for my Etsy since before Thanksgiving.

In truth, I’ve been thankful for the break. I have busted my butt this year sewing from my business, and have run out of steam as of late for the items I usually sew. I needed inspiration and found it on Pinterest!

Nina Makes published this adorable diaper & wipes clutch tutorial and I whipped up the three pictured in an hour or two. The tutorial she has on her blog post is super easy to follow, and the pdf pattern she made is easy to put together.

The two alterations I made were to add interfacing (pello p44f) to add a bit more body to the bag and use snaps instead of velcro, as I wanted a clean look versus a visible stitch line. I think this clutch would also look super cute with a rounded flap.

They are a fantastic stash buster, and I utilized two contrasting fat quarters to make these. I have ashamedly a whole rubbermaid tote full of fat quarters, and am happy to sew them up into something so cute and useful. Overall, I am super pleased with this project and am planning on adding these to my repertoire for baby shower gifts!

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