Essential Oils Make & Take

Saturday morning I woke up and moseyed around while debating what I was going to do with my weekend. Luckily, my friend Whitney went live in the Facebook event she invited me to reminding me that she was hosting an Essential Oils Make & Take party that afternoon!

Whitney is a Young Living consultant, and she had tons of yummy scents to use and several recipes to try out. Here’s a sampling of what I made.


I still have tons of lavender buds left from my trip to the Michigan Lavender Festival in July. I bought some with me and added them to this melt-and-pour goat’s milk soap base. I then added a few drops of lavender essential oil.


The next batch of soap I made used the same recipe, this time using an additional dash of oatmeal.



The next item I made was this gorgeous beaded diffuser bracelet. I may de-string this and add it to some different cording.


This plastic bulb ornament is full of Epsom salt and en-r-gize oils. I don’t take baths, but I do sprinkle Epsom salt in the bottom of our shower to activate the scents in the hot water.


The last item I have to share is this sugar scrub made with fractionated coconut oil and jade lemon oil.

I had a lot of fun making these items and they were very simple to make. I plan on keeping these for myself, but these would make wonderful homemade gifts!

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