Ten Handmade Holiday Gift Ideas

Christmas is coming! This year, I am aiming to make gifts for my friends and family members, which should be an interesting task!

My family decided last year that rather than worry about getting every member a gift, we were doing a Not-so-Secret Santa and drawing names for the family member we are going to be responsible for shopping for. Easy peasy right?

My friends and I have an unspoken understanding that we will not be getting each other gifts, as we are much more oriented towards spending quality time with each other, however there are still a few things I am considering making for them!

In prepping for my handmade holiday, here are my top ten gift ideas!

Pajama Pants

Cozy comfort! Add an elastic waist band and make out of flannel or a thin fleece to help with the winter chill.

Zipper Pouch

Who doesn’t love zipper pouches? They offer endless possibilities for what can be added to them. My favorite is adding gift cards for shops like Ulta or Sephora for the makeup gurus in my life.

Reusable tote

I am a sucker for a good tote. These make a great, useful gift that will have your loved one thinking of your thoughtfulness every time they use it.

Christmas Stocking

A great option for kids! Make them a custom stocking and stuff it with goodies.


So many great options for styles, lengths and materials. I love a good blanket scarf as a gift in a smart tartan.

Fleece Ear Warmers

Warm, cozy, and practical! There are so many great pattern options and prints available at Joann and their fleece is almost always on sale.


These are my favorite things to gift. They are so practical and so thoughtful! And hopefully your gift recipient will use it to make you some yummy treats!

Cookie Mix + Gift Bag

Speaking of yummy treats.. Cookie bags!


I made my first pillowcase before heading to a religious retreat and I’m so thankful I have one to remind me of the weekend. This would be a great option to make to inspire memories in your own family.


I still have over a pound of lavender buds left ever and I plan on making sachets as gifts to give alongside sewn gifts to make them smell amazing.




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