My Black Friday Haul

Confession: I’m a recovering shopaholic. I have gone nuts (and racked up quite a bit of debt) going shopping in the past and I loved going on Black Friday with my friend.

This year however, my relationship to shopping and to my burden of debt has changed. Rather than buy things simply because of a good deal or I wanted it, I’ve chosen to be more strategic in my Black Friday deal shopping.

The main reason I went Black Friday shopping this year was to stock up on flannel. Joann has the best deal of the year on their cozy and snuggle flannel brands, normally priced 5.99/yd, they are only 1.79/yd during their doorbuster deals. I bought 27 yards of white flannel, which I will use for cores in cloth pantyliners and as the backing fabric for cloth wipes, cloth diaper inserts, and more.

While waiting in the fabric cutting line, I browsed the notions aisle and saw that the Fiskars brand was 60% off. The first thing I grabbed was this sharpener. I – HATE – dull scissors, and I unfortunately live with a scissor thief who takes scissors from my sewing desk with no thought as to the damage they will incur on the blades. Fortunately, this sharpener does a great job of fixing the blades to restore them to their shiny, sharpened splendor. This is the second unit I’ve bought, having lost (ahem, had stolen by said thief) the previous unit I owned.

I also picked up a matching set of rotary cutter and thread snips. I have a few cutters already in my stash, but they too come up missing. The thread snips were a good addition to my collection, as the previous pair I had purchased at the Craft Outlet had come apart.

To match my rotary cutter set, I picked up this scissor set. The large pair will be used on fabric to cut out what I trace, and the smaller pair will be what I use to snip into corners.

And because I have no self control and can’t bare to not use the 50 and 40% coupons I had saved, I picked up these holiday scented soaps to add to the abyss of soap I have sitting in our linen closet.

What did you shop for this Black Friday weekend?

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