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happy cat cafe

cat ladies are a special breed. once you find one, it opens the flood gates of memes and videos that bring sheer joy and comradery unlike most other connections.

the happy cat cafe in grand rapids has been open since the spring of 2017, and this fall my coworkers and I made the trek into downtown to visit.

img_3683.jpgTo access the cafe and the cats, you have to make a reservation on their website. it costs  $10 per hour per person, and this goes to help support the cafe and their cats. HCC partners with local shelters like Carol’s Ferals to host cats in the cafe for a few weeks at a time with the aim of finding them forever homes.

walking in the door, the café is definitely in a growth stage. they have hot water carafes and keurigs set up in self-serve stations with k-cups and beverage packets, as well as snacks like potato chips and granola bars, that are available. There are cat-themed art pieces and merch available in this area as well.

Due to local health codes, the café and the cats section are separate rooms. Once you grab your coffee or tea, you go through two doors and enter the four glorious walls that is the cat room. 

so many instagrammable moments.


Curious and cheeky.


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