15th Annual Michigan Lavender Festival

last weekend started out ROUGH. i got up early to work at a craft show and it didn’t go all that well, and came home to some stuff that was totally harshing my mellow and that made me want to crawl into bed and never leave.

the last thing i wanted to do was to leave my house, but thankfully facebook reminded me that i was interested in attending the 15th Annual Michigan Lavender Festival. feeling particularly alone, i resolved myself that i might as well make the most of the last full day of the weekend by spending it by myself doing what i wanted to do. so, at 10am on Sunday, i packed up my car and drove three and a half hours across the state to attend the lavender festival. and i’m so glad i did.

The Michigan Lavender Festival is held in Armada, Michigan at Blake Farms. It is a fun drive from Grand Rapids, and one that I enjoyed, especially as I was able to belt out all the songs that my Showtunes Pandora station played.

there were festivities all weekend long, but i was there from 12:30 to 2:30, and wandered the farm while taking in all the scents of my beloved lavender plant. as i have transitioned to a more natural skin and health care routine, lavender has proven itself to be a powerhouse plant whose oils i’ve enjoyed in various products from Pure Haven Essentials, A Mother’s Nature, and more. it doesn’t hurt that the plant itself is beautiful and smells so divine.

my favorite part about the festival was the craft and vendor show. being a small business owner myself, i never cease to marvel at the creativity and ingenuity of fellow entrepreneurs. there were so many amazing vendors there!

my favorite booth, and one that i spent the most time perusing, was that of the team at Relax with Flax. They had so many great products and their displays were beautiful as well.

in addition to the two bundles of dried lavender i purchased, i ended up purchasing one pound of super blue lavender buds, which are culinary quality. i wanted to make a few recipes i’ve seen on pinterest, and was happy to have a place to grab it from! they were one of the only booths at the festival that i saw had buds for sale. i also bought half a pound of an imported french lavender, which i hope to use in some soap and candle recipes i’ve pinned.

one of the things i really appreciated seeing was the natural beeswax booths and booths advocating for beekeeping. while i was there, a seminar on beekeeping was taking place, and i’m so glad people are picking up this important hobby. i am allergic to bees, but i would love to have a few beeboxes at my home in the future.

i did end up buying a lavender plant to have at my work office. we are in the basement of our building, which is built into a hill, so luckily we have a garden view of the back of our organization’s property. we also have a wall of windows where each member of my team has a plant they keep. i’m hoping that under the tender care of my skilled coworker, the plant will flourish. i have a habit of killing things that are green.

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