six things i learned about myself from housesitting.

  1. i am way messier than i thought. when you’re one person and you still feel like you’re constantly picking up after a mess you made, i think it puts your disorganized self on full display.
  2. i value cleanliness more than i show. i feel energized by tidyness, and always feel drained when coming home to my hot mess of a bedroom. it gives me the push i need to tidy up.
  3.  i don’t like pooping in foreign toilets.  i just can’t go in new spaces. i can’t!
  4. i like being by myself. i’ve been really burned out lately and have needed a lot of personal space to recharge. housesitting is a great environment to do that.
  5. a silent space revives me. coming from a family of five kids, there is always noise in the house. if kids aren’t arguing, tvs and stereos are on. housesitting gives me the space to sit in peace and quiet.
  6. as much as i like pets, i don’t think i could have more than one. i have been petsitting since college, and the more pets there are, the more stressful it is. i also care very deeply about the wellbeing and safety of the pets in my care, and can get anxious about keeping tabs on all the pets running around and what they’re up to when i’m at work. as a petowner, i think i’ll be best suited for a single pet home.

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