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Natural Eye Makeup Wipes

I’ve always been beauty and skincare obsessed. I spent summers in high school in my family room watching Petrilude and Pixiwoo videos and trying to recreate makeup looks. That led to a lot of makeup wipes, baby wipes, and cotton rounds being tossed in the trash when I finished creating my masterpiece.

As I’ve gotten older, I have stepped away from using as much makeup as I once did. I have spent thousands on Mary Kay, building a makeup kit and direct sales business before stepping away a few years ago. While I still have the core of my kit, I rarely wear makeup anymore, opting instead for boosting my skincare and rocking my natural skin. When I do wear makeup, it can be a pain to take it off and I hate spending $15-20 on a “good” makeup remover.

This has led me to making my own remover solution and reusable makeup wipes.

I used an 8oz mason jar to store everything in. For this recipe, I used a cup of water, a few drops of castile soap, and 15-20 drops of witch hazel. I’ve used Witch Hazel on and off as a toner/astringent and love it. It is so cooling on the skin and does a great job of shrinking pores, tightening skin, and helping with oil production and breakouts. I’m having a bit of a love affair with castile soap at the moment. It is so versatile! I have been using it the last month as a hair, face, and body wash, as well as with cleaning. This big ole bottle is lasting forever and is a cheap, eco-and-body-friendly product.

Once all the ingredients are in the jar, I stirred it up with my finger and added half of my bamboo cotton rounds.


The bamboo cotton rounds are made with one layer of super heavy organic bamboo fleece and a layer of cotton, serged together. I have had these listed on The Wittle Whale, and am currently working on restocking after a successful launch. I add half at a time because the bamboo is very absorbent and I like to give it a chance to soak up the liquid. Once they have absorbed the liquid, I add the rest of the wipes and top of with water and a few more drops of each ingredient. I screw on the top and shake it up.

These wipes last about a week in the container. When I’m finished using them, I put them in a wet bag and save them for laundry days to wash them in a lingerie bag with cloth pads, towels, etc.

I hope you enjoy this little DIY recipe! Let me know if you give it a try.

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