Why I use Bamboo Fabric

When I first switched to replacing toxic and one-time use products in my life, I knew I was making a good choice. I was utilizing cotton towels and fabric to replace paper towels, makeup wipes, cotton rounds, and even thought about using family cloth. I promise that last one was a brief thought 🙂

I have been using zorb, a man-made absorbent material, as a core for the cloth pad products I make as a part of my business. Another alternative to these cores that I had been looking to try was bamboo based fabrics. I was a bit skeptical as to if they would work as well as my zorb. And oh my gosh! I have fallen in love with using them not only in my pads, but as makeup remover rounds as well.

Along with working so well, here are my top reasons why I love using bamboo in my sewing projects.

Natural and Sustainable

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on the planet which makes it sustainable! Pesticides and fungicides are rarely used, as bugs don’t go after the grass.


Bamboo is naturally resistant to mold, mildew, and bacteria, making it ideal for reusable products. It is super easy to care for!


Fleece, terry, flannel and more! Bamboo can be woven and knit into so many different fabrics and all share the same qualities of being soft and sustainable. It also holds dye well, making it ideal for experimenting with tie-dying, ice-dying, and confetti dying.

Where to Buy

My go to source for bamboo and other natural fabrics is NaturesFabrics.com – they have reasonable prices and the quality of cuts I’ve gotten has been great!

3 thoughts on “Why I use Bamboo Fabric

  1. Hi Jenn, I’m conscious about making purchases that are better for my health, home and the environment too. They are some great swaps you’ve made. I’ve bought bamboo bedsheets in the past which were super comfortable and soft, but am yet to make my own things. What else do you hand make? 🙂


    1. I love using bamboo in reusables – bamboo flannel for wipes, bamboo fleece for makeup rounds and face scrubbies, and more! In regards to other things I handmake, if I can sew it I do! I’ve made reusable produce and grocery bags, aprons, skirts and headbands, etc. I love sewing things and being part of the “slow fashion” movement.


  2. Ive been trying to start using bamboo fabric. I am now using bamboo made bags to go to the farmers market. this is awesome 🙂


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