River Valley Antiques

This weekend I had a new launch to get prepped and photographed for The Wittle Whale, a custom order to start, and a custom order in the pipeline. It also happened to be the start of Spring Break for my sister, who is used to a full Sunday at church and youthgroup.

We were both feeling a little stir crazy and decided to go for a drive up to Newaygo and a three story antique market named River Valley Antiques.

The floor is lined with cases and bookshelves and displays of all sorts. It is a maze of all things old and nostalgic, and there are also a few vendors in the shop who make new items and refurbish them as well.

I’ve collected a few teacups throughout the last few years, and this place is dangerous for a purveyor like me. There are old cups and saucers all over the place, and these dainty blue china sets would be a great addition to my case. Alas, they stayed on their shelves.

Along with the cups and saucers were dozens of porcelain and glass figurines. Here are a few of my favorites.

Hayley Estes at The Mountain View Cottage has totally inspired me to start decorating with white porcelain like the vases below. I could very easily see myself have shelves of white along my dining room walls.

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