Grand Haven Gray

it was a beautiful day last Friday, but it turned out to be a windy and cold gray day at the beach in Grand Haven. The last of winter was clinging on to it’s last chance to make a statement, but luckily it wasn’t too cold to check out the pier and watch the waves.

The beautiful thing about Grand Rapids is it’s only about a 30 minute drive on the highway to get to the beach, and it makes for a quick trip to take in the beauty of our Great Lakes state.

My sister Jessica and her friend Anne wanted to take pictures on the beach, but we underestimated how windy it truly was. Luckily, we were still able to take a few in between gusts and before the clouds rolled in the rain that hit us as we left the lakeshore.

The city of Grand Haven is currently undertaking a project to restore the catwalk on the pier. The walk to the light house is usually light up with the lights that grace the tops of steel beams and cables, but they were taken down last year. The catwalk is also in need of repair, as the cement and concrete have taken quite a beating from the waves and weather and are crumbling and cracked in many places on the stretch out to the lake.

One of the neat things we saw while walking the beach was a massive piece of driftwood. It was a whole tree and part of its root system. The neat thing about this beached tree was that the roots looked like a viking ship!

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