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John Ball Zoo Opening Day

A few weekeends ago, my sister, her friend and I went to opening day at John Ball Zoo. It was cold and I immediately regretted wearing my Chaco’s. Thankfully many of their animal exhibits that were open were inside, so we got to check out a few of them!

The first thing that you notice when opening the doors to the aquarium is the assault on your nostrils that is anything to do with fish. Then you notice the salmon and trout that you can watch swim by in the native fish exhibit right inside the doors. 

Once you move past the salmon (and the smells) you hear the gafawing of penguins and seagulls. The penguins are so cute and fast, but the seagulls are jerks who just sit there.

After going through the aquarium and the snake exhibits, we made our way up to the Tigers of the Realm exhibit and back down to the Hobby Farm. This petting zoo is full of goats, sheep, and their poop, which we were dodging left and right.

Is it baaaad that I want this sheep’s wool to spin into yarn? Because he’s a cutie and it’s cold outside.

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