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Top Three Cloth Pad PDF Patterns

In March, I took a mini sabbatical from making cloth pads. I’ve been blessed to have had a successful start to the year, and needed a break from making for a few weeks.

While I technically haven’t made many cloth pads, I have gone a wee bit crazy with buying pdf patterns for them. When I first started sewing my own stash, I would develop a pattern myself. I still have several of the first pads I made using this method, but I have loved utilizing PDFs from Etsy sellers. Here are my top three patterns I love!

Amy Nix Tutorial

When you first start out making cloth, I highly suggest playing around with making your own pattern. I watched a video by Amy Nix, who walked through how to draft a pattern on your own. While this isn’t quite as simple as having someone make the pattern for you, it will help you learn great skills!

Versodile Round

Versodile is the originator of the mix and match pattern system. All of her patterns can be interchanged with each other, making them super customizable. I use the Versodile round pattern bundle in my own shop because I love how simple they are to sew, and the way they look. I use them as symmetrical shapes, but you can mix the lengths to get a front bleeder or extend the coverage in the back.

Moonglow Studios

The first pattern bundle I bought was by Kristy at Moonglow Studios. She unfortunately does not sell her patterns regularly, and prefers to do special offerings through the year. The MGS patterns are asymmetrical, with the front end being a bit shorter with a smaller flare than the back.

I hope this info was helpful!

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