Butterflies are Blooming

March in West Michigan is a beautiful time. The snow starts to melt, the sun starts to shine, and fish fry dinner signs abound. Springtime is just around the corner, and it’s first sign of arrival come in the form of the annual Butterflies are Blooming exhibit at Frederik Meijer Gardens.

Postman Longwing

After coming home from a quick business trip to Chicago for an event, I needed to do something to unwind. I packed up my Rebel T5 camera and a 50mm lens, and headed to Meijer Gardens.


I became a member of Meijer Gardens last April after attending an event there. I didn’t make it a priority to utilize it, but I’m so glad I went this past weekend. The weather was chilly, in the 30s and 40s, but the butterfly exhibit is kept toasty and humid.


Postman Longwings


It was so refreshing to be in those temperatures and to be surrounded by green! The winters in Michigan can be so drab and dreary, and this was a wonderful pick me up. There were so many families there visiting with their children, and the reactions of little girls in butterfly wings were adorable.


Common Morpho


This species of butterfly were jerks. They have a beautiful vivid blue color, but were quite the speed demons and spent much of their time attacking other butterflies. Whenever they did land, they concealed their wings until the next time they swooped in on an unsuspecting bug.


Malay Lacewing

I can’t wait to go back and practice taking more shots. Being out of the cold and wind doesn’t hurt either!


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