Friday Habits

The rough thing about my work schedule is that I work earlier in the morning than I’d like. The good thing about my work schedule is that longer hours worked earlier in the week mean I have a half day on Fridays. By 11:30 am, I am ready to leave to spend the afternoon by myself.

Most weeks, I run to the post office to check The Wittle Whale’s post office box to check my mail and send off orders to my amazing customers.

I use my Friday afternoons to spend some time by myself. Outside of my work schedule,the time I spend volunteering and my side hustle at TWW eat up a lot of my free time in the evenings and on the weekends, and the few hours I get to myself is practically sacred to me.

I struggle with finding balance between my work/volunteer time and self care, and I’ve taken to using this time to decompress and allow myself to do what I want instead of fulfilling obligations I make to others. I typically grab lunch or coffee, do some shopping, or run other errands that I can’t during the week.

Do you have any habits on Fridays? Or do you have another time during the week that you use to relax?

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