17 Projects to Make in 2017

Since I bought my sewing machine in 2015, I have stuck to making the same kinds of products. I am in desperate need to try new things! Here are 17 items I am challenging myself to make in 2017.

  • Jersey dress: I have a problem with buying patterns and never making them. I have a few I would like to try, along with making patterns out of dresses I already own. 1 2
  • Jersey skirts: I made a skirt last year, but would like to make a few more for work.3 4
  • Leggings: I have been obsessssssed with LLR leggings lately. I would love to make a few of my own leggings to see if I can better use my funds in building my skills. 5 6
  • Fitted skirt: I bought the prettiest mustard linen because it was on sale, but I have yet to make anything with it. I think it would make a gorgeous pencil skirt for fall. 7 8
  • Box case: I need to improve my skill at using zippers and would like to make a few boxy makeup cases to learn how to better install them. 9 10
  • Muslin Market bag: Plastic bags are one of the worst things for the environment! I am committing myself to making an arsenal of fabric totes and market bags to use at the grocery store. 11 12
  • Cross body bag: I can’t stand purses that require hands and shoulders to perch on. I want a purse I can throw on and not have to fuss with. These two are at the top of my Pinterest list. 13 14
  • Christmas stocking: There’s just something about homemade items during the holidays. I haven’t had a stocking in years, but I’d like to start making them early in the year to use as gifts as my siblings get married. 15
  • Scrundies & Bunzies: I’ve fallen in love with handmade underwear. I have one pair that fit and feel like a dream, and have another pair coming in my Monthly Mashup box in February. I’ve owned the patterns for SUAT’s Scrundlewear for months and have yet to make them. 16 17

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